The Beginning…

This last winter was no different than any other of recent years, with the exception that I suffered from two colds. One right after the other. The first was in November around Thanksgiving, the next about two and a half weeks later. And I suffered having three cold sores on my lower lip, one right after the other.

I was unfortunate in my younger years, in my 20’s, to have met someone who had herpes simplex 1. This is found on the lips, commonly called a cold sore. He had no idea that the throbbing and tingling that he was experiencing all those years ago, meant that he was contagious and that he was passing this on to me with a kiss. Having one of these is called an “outbreak.” So, again I had three of these over a six week period, with each one taking more than a week to heal. This was unusual as I might have only two in a single year.

I was also having trouble with my teeth and had to go to the dentist to have teeth removed. I had infections, one after another, which required antibiotics before I could have my teeth taken care of. I was taking these antibiotics while suffering from the colds and the cold sores.  And, just so you know, Abreva, really does help with cold sores, by reducing the time from beginning to end!

After having the two colds and the three outbreaks, I noticed a change in my body. My lymph glands in my neck and in my groin area were swollen. So I made a trip to the Dr.’s office.

My primary care nurse practitioner thought that the swollen glands had to do with the colds, the infections in my mouth, and having had 3 outbreaks. I was sent to the lab for a blood test.

This is the beginning…


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