The Waiting Game

Ah, the waiting game…Something I might be doing a lot of for a while. I had been told by my NP that my test results would be sent to the hematology/oncology office no later than Tuesday. Here it is Thursday now, late in the afternoon, I called their office to make sure that they got my test results. I was told that they had not received anything.

I was upset to hear this. It had been four days since I heard from the NP and surely they should have sent the information over.

I was heading to town on Friday to meet up with the gals for lunch and decided to make a stop at the wellness clinic that I go to. Their records indicated that the test results had been sent over on Wednesday and they had a fax confirmation that it was delivered. To make sure that they received it she sent it again while I was standing there. And she gave me a copy of my blood test results.

When I got home, I called the hematology/oncology clinic to let them know that the test results were sent over to them on Wednesday. The gal then checked the records found that they did have the results but that they had requested additional information which they needed before making an appointment for me.

More frustration, and more of my following up to make sure that things were moving along. My call would have to wait until Monday.

I looked at my blood test results and discovered that anything that was out of whack was in bold letters. I had more than 10 compounds of my blood that were in bold. I told myself not to do the “what if” game yet again.

My days drifted on and I was on the phone again on Monday to the hematology/oncology office. I was told it would be a week before I heard back from them.

The waiting game continues…

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