The Bone Marrow Test

A week after the PET CT scan I had to go to the Dr.’s office for a bone marrow test. I was told that before having this test, eat a very healthy breakfast! So we headed to town for that healthy breakfast after which we went off to the Dr.’s office.

Once there I was ushered into the back to a room with a table. Laurie did the usual stuff, temperature, blood pressure, and pulse. She explained to me what to expect and had me lay down on the table on my stomach. They were going to be taking the bone marrow from my hip.

Even knowing what they were going to do did not prepare me at all for this procedure. The Dr. lightened the mood a bit by telling me jokes. As he was inserting the needle in my hip area to numb the muscles he said, “What do you get when you put two Doctors together?” The pain from the needle made me jump a bit.

“What?” I replied.

“A pair a docs!” he said. We all laughed.

As the numbing agent took effect, I asked him, “Can you imagine getting sick at the airport and having the terminal Doctor wait on you?” More laughter.

Then the Dr. makes in incision. A small one. Then the shot with the numbing agent for the bone. This too was painful. As we waited for this to take effect we all chatted.

Just like drawing blood, they have to draw out the bone marrow. I could feel the pressure of the bone marrow being pumped from my body. It makes you want to tense your muscles, and they kept telling me to relax and breathe slowly in and out from my mouth. The pain was worse than when I injured my knee years ago. While this probably took all of 5 minutes, it felt like hours!

We were finally done and I could head on home. They gave me some Vicodin for residual pain. You need to limit your physical activity, which was not an issue.

If you have to have this procedure done, I would like to recommend that you take the next day off from work. I made the mistake of going to work the following day. It was a long, hard, tiring day….

Days later, the area was still tender, and I had a hard lump. It seemed to get worse as the days went on. Stay tuned for what happened next!

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