On To Where I Am At Today…

Well, the area where I had the bone marrow taken from was bothering me for more than a week so I called the Dr.’s office. This led to me going back to the Dr.’s yet again to have the site checked out. All in this area is good.

The results of the tests are in and I have been diagnosed with Small Lymphocytic Lymphoma. And, I will be undergoing chemotherapy to control it. There is no cure, but it is treatable!

I was going in for a routine teeth cleaning and to have the dentist check a hot spot in my lower left jaw bone found in the PET CT. This area was clear but he found issues with two teeth in another area that would require extraction of the teeth. Just great! 😦 The dentist needed to speak to the oncologist because treatment was to start in a few days.

I had already told them at work that I was starting chemo the following week. I was slated to in on a Thursday for two day treatment. So, while at work, the first of my last three before going out on disability, I heard from the dentist. They would be pushing back the chemo to get the infection in my mouth under control first. And, I had to come in right away to have these removed.

It has been a busy seven days. First, I have had the teeth pulled and healing is going along just fine. On the follow up visit, the dentist gave me the all clear!

The other day I went to an introductory class to chemotherapy. This was very well done, most informative, and the women who spoke to me, all cancer survivors, were just gems! It was like getting one huge hug from five women at the same time. It was a bit overwhelming! Afterwards I met up with one of my gal pals to go have a pedicure. I will not be able to do this again for a few months anyway due to the possibility of infection that I can expose myself to while undergoing chemo.

Yesterday I got the news from the Dr. that I start treatment next week. Wednesday is the day!

So, here I sit at 4ish in the morning writing this post as I woke up an hour and a half ago and my mind is a whirl! Due to a lowered immune system, I need to be extra vigilant about not getting sick, and I will have to avoid my cats to some extent. My three wonderful kitties are surely going to feel neglected! I just thank God that my husband is here with me and that he will be able to care for them! For about two weeks, hopefully no longer than this, I will be sleeping in another room.

This brings me to where I wanted to be when I decided to start this blog. I want this be a diary of sorts in the hopes that what I experience can help anyone else who might be going through the same thing as I am.

And, I want to post my approach to this. I will be positive throughout this adventure because I will survive! I plan on featuring positive affirmations as I can with some of my lovely photography!

Be well and thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope that you will come back again soon!
My best — Jane


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