Today’s Tasks

Today will be spent cleaning a room on the upstairs of the house for me to sleep in over the course of the next couple of weeks after starting chemotherapy. I was told that I cannot change nor be near a cat box!

We have three cats. Two of them get along, and the third does not and has the entire master bedroom to herself, which includes a small bathroom which is where her litter box is. I am barred from sleeping in this room, just as I am from being around other people as my immune system will be low. And I will not be able to have a cat cuddle with me as their feet carry residue from the cat box.

I looked up why this is an issue on the internet and found that I can end up with Toxoplasmosis from the litter box. Just the same as someone in my situation, a pregnant woman can get this too. Toxoplasmosis is a parasitic infection that resembles the flu with symptoms of fever, muscle aches and swollen glands.

So, today, I will be doing a good cleaning of the room upstairs.

Upstairs bedroom

Upstairs bedroom

There is a bathroom upstairs too.

I will also need to move some clothing up with me. I will certainly be missing my temperpedic bed, sleeping with my husband, and of course the cat!

As I have had cats for years, I might have already been exposed and have the antibodies but I would rather not have any complications!

So, today, I get this room ready for a two week, and hopefully that will be it, stay!


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