T-Minus 1 and Counting

Tomorrow I go for my first round of chemo. Feeling a bit of trepidation over this. So many questions going through my head…Like, once I am there and they are dripping the stuff into my body, will I feel like eating lunch? How will I feel afterwards? Can anyone answer these questions for me?

Yesterday afternoon we went to the store with a list of food items recommended by the cancer resource center. Jello, pudding, Gatorade, ensure, some sandwich meats, cottage cheese…I also bought bubble bath. That sounds good to me, taking a hot bubble bath!

Today I added a few more things to the room upstairs. My dear, sweet husband moved a flat screen TV into the room and yesterday bought a Blue Ray/DVD player which he installed this morning. He also bought an air conditioning unit too. This room has a tendency to get very warm…heat rises, and our temperatures here have been very warm lately. This got set up this morning too!

Tonight we are meeting some friends for dinner at one of the local spots. I wanted to see everyone that I will not see for the next couple of weeks. I am really looking forward to enjoying this night out with friends!

Also on the slate for tomorrow…aside from the chemotherapy, I will be quitting smoking.

Well, I am wishing you a wonderful day, and thanks for stopping by!

Be well – Jane

4 thoughts on “T-Minus 1 and Counting

  1. I don’t know how your body will react to the Chemo, but personally, I had to force myself to eat. Also, you’re not going to automatically throw up after Chemo. It takes time. Best of luck! I would suggest Laughter therapy! Seriously, it helps.

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