Well the day has finally arrived. I start chemotherapy today. How am I feeling? A bit uncertain. A bit nervous. A bit scared. But I keep telling myself I will overcome this!

Yesterday I had a lovely dinner out with friends. The love and support that I get from the friends around me is truly amazing. I am indeed lucky and blessed!

My friend Joanne, who has a blog herself called What’s On The List?, gave me some great advice. Here are bits of what she said to me yesterday:

“You HAVE to BELIEVE YOU can overcome this curve ball in life and just accept what you can and can’t do on a daily basis.”

She went on to say, “I will also be following your blog and you are VERY courageous in not only using it as an emotional outlet everyday, but please keep in mind something my Nana used to say to me: ‘You are neither the first nor the last of anything in the world,’ and, ‘Someone always has it worse!'”

Thank you Joanne for your love and support! And, thank you to everyone else who is behind me in my desire to get well! I love you all, and that includes you my readers and followers!

Hugs and be well – Jane


4 thoughts on “D-Day

  1. I’m so glad you have so much support, Jane, and I hope the treatments will go well for you. I’ll be pulling for you!!!

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