2nd Day of Chemo

I am so tired, so I beg your forgiveness now if this is a bit of a spotty post. I am tired due to the steroids that they gave me. They make it hard to sleep!

The day moved along and my husband drove me down to the clinic. The day’s appointment was to be only 90 minutes. This turned into 2 1/2 hours. I worked on the jigsaw puzzle in the waiting room while waiting to be called in. Ron, another patient who was there with me the day before, and going through the same regimen as I am, came in. We chatted for a bit and then were called to come in to the treatment room.

We were the only two patients there. The nurses had just returned from lunch. Before taking my seat I helped myself to some grape juice and got Ron a water.

They started to get us both set up. Helen asked me which arm we should use and I said that we should try the one with the least amount of bruising so that I could have a matching set! As she tried to get the vein to come up, I told them all that I sang a little song to my husband on the way in. It was to the tune “I Feel Pretty” from West Side Story…♪♫♫♪ “I’m so pretty. Oh so pretty. I am purple and green and blue.” ♪♫♫♪

Well, I least I got everyone laughing! This was good!

Helen struggled in getting the needle in and the pain made me jump. Today this actually hurt the entire time, and rather than going through another round of prodding and more bruising I decided I would just put up with it. After all, today was supposed to be only 90 minutes.

They started me off once again with a saline drip, then added the steroids and some anti nausea meds. After these were done, we had to wait for our cocktails that were still be gently shaken. After an hour of being there this was finally ready. Ron was already underway and I was about 5 minutes behind him.

I sat and read my book. Have you read any of the Game of Thrones books? Good reading! Time moved on as I read about Sansa, Jaime, Cersai and Jon Snow. As the drip was dripping I began to feel a bit sleepy, and was having some discomfort along my sides. They did the usual blood pressure, temperature and pulse check before they started.

I was finally done around 3:30. Ron wished me and everyone a happy Easter and then left. I still had to be taken apart. Before leaving Helen gave me some lidocaine cream to use before leaving home for the next round of chemo. I should mark the spot with a patch so that it would help me with the pain of the needle. Thank you Helen!

We got back home, settled in. For dessert I had a peach sorbet and noticed one of the second side effects of chemo. I could actually taste the metal of the spoon as I ate the sorbet. They told me to use plastic in that case, and unfortunately we could not find one. Plenty of knives and forks, but no spoons!

I headed to bed hoping for a good nights sleep. That was not to come. Between the tossing and turning, and getting up every half hour to relieve myself of the 3 quarts of fluid that I drank during the day, it was maybe around 3ish that I finally got to sleep. I did not sleep very soundly and had a totally weird dream. I smoked in my dream!

I am really tired. I know I said this before…so for now I am going to try to take a nap. I am now into my third day of no smoking. I want a cigarette only for the feel of it in my hand. I found that breathing deeply helps overcome this desire.

Be well all of you and my best – Jane

9 thoughts on “2nd Day of Chemo

  1. Good for you for injecting (sorry to use that word) some humor into the situation. Did you ever hear about how the journalist Norman Cousins fought his illness with laughter? Believing that our emotions are strongly linked to our ability to fight disease, he watched hours of Marx Brothers movies and said, “I made the joyous discovery that ten minutes of genuine belly laughter had an anesthetic effect and would give me at least two hours of pain-free sleep.” So, how about renting some funny movies for bedtime viewing? I’ll be praying you get a good sleep tonight!

    • The Norman Cousins book is called “The Healing Heart” which I read many years ago for a holistic health class that I took. I have not forgotten what that book imparted! Relaxation, meditation and not having the stress of work right now is most beneficial too. Do you know I took a tubby the other day? It has been years and it felt delightful! I too hope for a good nights sleep! Hugs to you Marcybee!

  2. Good choice of books. I am on the second Game of Thrones book, A Clash of Kings at the moment. Well, part way through it as I have just started to read Love In The Time Of Cholera.

    I hope you start to even out soon Jane.

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