April 18th – The Daily Affirmation

A good nights sleep!

A good nights sleep!

I look at the world around me with a different point of view these days. Knowing that I will have SLL for the rest of my life, or until they find a cure, does that to a person. Positive thinking, humor and a good nights sleep will help me to heal.

I got well wishes today from two friends. Marcybee, a neighbor that I met through the blogging world, reminded me of Norman Cousins book “The Healing Heart.” I highly suggest this book if you too are suffering from cancer or any other ailment. Mr. Cousins overcame having to have open heart surgery by filling his life with laughter! And she also told me that she hopes that I get a good nights sleep.

My other friend, Al, who lives in the UK, expressed his hopes for me “evening out.”

This affirmation today is a combination of the prayer from Marcybee and the hopes from Al. I will sleep good tonight and I will even out!

Thank you both, and to you my readers and followers for all the love you send my way!

Be well – Jane


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