Missing Out

Today, Saturday, is usually a day that finds me in the garden getting my hands dirty. Not today. Due to the chemo cocktails, I am to avoid being in the sun as I can burn easily.

We have help in the yard today. And my barrels are going to be set up in the vegetable garden. We have a huge problem here with gophers and voles and those rapscallion ground squirrels. Oh how I wish that I could be down there placing the barrels on the stones, getting the layout just the way I want it.

So, instead today, I will watch from the window, and then close myself off from the world so that I can go back to a book I am writing. One that will hopefully capture the imaginations of millions and delightfully entertain!

Body wise, I feel pretty good. I had a slight wave of nausea this morning, but it passed quickly. I consider myself lucky to be feeling the way that I do because so many others going through treatment have it much worse than I do. To those, I wish you well, and hope that today will be a good day for you too!

Today is going to be a great day! Just keeping it positive!

Be well – Jane


6 thoughts on “Missing Out

  1. Today is a wonderful day and you will feel great! Enjoy seeing your garden set up for you knowing that is being done in love. love you hug you kiss you.

  2. Writing a book? Wow! Nothing keeps you down, Jane, not even chemo!! You’re AMAZING! With your gumption, you’ll be back out enjoying your garden in no time. 🙂

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