So What!

Where do I begin? I need to do a bit of ranting today, so I beg your forgiveness ahead of doing just that. “What’s the issue?” you might ask. Why does it seem that I have to keep chasing after folks to do their jobs? I just don’t get it! I truly believe that if it does not affect the person who has this particular job, then what’s the big deal?

Well here is my big deal: Two and a half weeks ago my oncologist took me off work and said he was putting me on disability. This being something that I paid into with every hard earned dollar, I filed my claim, and then emailed the Dr.’s office with my claim number. Now their part is to go online and fill in the blanks and hit the enter key.

Has this happened? Not yet. They told me that the state is asking for the Dr.’s social security number which he does not want to give. Can’t blame him. The state’s paper forms do not ask for a social number, why would they online? Knowing this state, this could be the case.

So, last Wednesday, on my first day of chemo the director of the facility had been given my claim from the Dr.’s nurse due to the issue of asking for the Dr.’s social number. She came and talked to me telling me “We are working on this for you.”

Not hearing anything and it now being two and a half weeks, and getting a letter from the state that is asking me “Why have we not heard from your Dr.?” I called the clinic yesterday. 9 a.m. I left a message. By 4:30 yesterday I had not had the courtesy of a call back so I called again.

When I finally got to talk to the director, she said to me, “Well didn’t so-and-so call you back? I asked her to.”

No phone calls I told her. She responded by telling me that “This gal has been working on your case all day.”

Here is where my attitude comes in….Yeah, right I think to myself. It took me 15 minutes to fill the form out online, why would it take all day for the Dr.’s office to fill in their part. The form asks for the Dr.s’ license number, name, when they made the diagnosis, what the diagnosis is, and when disability is to begin. I have a form and can see the questions.

Now it comes to money. I have bills sitting here for the treatments I am going through. I told the director that I cannot pay these bills until they do their part and I can start collecting. “Oh, yeah, OK,” was the response to this.

In my mind, the real thought process is, “Well I still get my paycheck and this is not important to me, so I do not have to rush to do anything. I can work on this when I feel like it.” All of course forgetting the fact that this has a negative impact on another person’s life!

I asked for a call back this morning from this gal who neglected to call me yesterday, that is if she was told to call me. I know that I am not the only patient that they are dealing with, but honestly, don’t you think that two and a half weeks is too long? Oh, and did I mention, there has been no call as of yet.

What are your thoughts?

Be well – A frustrated Jane

6 thoughts on “So What!

  1. As if you don’t have enough to deal with already. You’re the patient! You’re the one undergoing chemo! You would think they would take that into consideration, get off their duffs and get the job DONE. So sorry you have to worry about it. Not fair! xoxo

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