Got a Return Call!

AT 5 minutes to 5 last night the phone rang and it was the oncology clinic. They were calling me about the disability filing.

The Dr. filled out a paper form for my disability for them to snail mail in. The gal wanted to know if I could come down to the clinic to fill out my part of the disability paperwork.

I had to explain that my part was already done. Hopefully they put the paperwork in the mail. The state processes all paper forms last.

Keeping my fingers crossed that by the end of the week the website shows that they received what they needed to. Mortgage payment is coming up…cannot afford delays.

I am going to head outside today and I will be taking the camera with me….I wonder what I will find?

Enjoy your day and be well! – Jane


4 thoughts on “Got a Return Call!

  1. I have to fill in my disability forms again. I have to every two years – as if I am going to get better :-\ So I know what you mean about the waiting and such. Enjoy your day out Jane.

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