April 24th – The Daily Affirmation

Removing cancer from my body

Removing cancer from my body

I decided to make a change. My daily affirmation posts will appear in the morning along with a bit of my daily diary.

I am very fortunate to not have too many side effects of the chemotherapy. From what I have read, most do not show up for a couple of weeks. The worst side effect that I have had is continually feeling constipated. I think that I have eaten just about everything on the list of items given to me to help relieve constipation.

When I spoke the nurse the other day, she suggested that I start taking stool softeners before the next chemo treatment. What is one to do? I had my first treatment on Wednesday last week, and the constipation started two days later.

Other things I am noticing: I have been having the most bizarre dreams. This might be due to wearing a nicotine patch. The Allopurinol that I take makes me have to urinate about every hour through the night. What time I take it makes no difference. I sure would like to sleep through the night! I seem to have a rash developing too. The area from below my breasts to the groin area hurts. It is not too bad, but it is there. My digestion is clearly effected by chemo.

The other thing is that I am very tired. No less than before. But this could be due to having to get up every hour during the night. I was told to use a sleep aid, which I have done, but this makes no difference. Can you imagine this: I wake up in the middle of the night having a dream about having to go pee? Silly, I know, but this is my body telling me “Hey, get up and go relieve yourself!” 🙂 Funny!

With the quitting smoking, I can smell the world around me in a way I have not for decades. And, I am really crabby too. BTW, so is my husband! The thing is that I am fighting a battle with myself over the habit. I keep telling myself, look, you are not coughing anymore, you can smell better, food tastes better, so get over it!

This has been my day. I did start sewing today. Making a pair of pants! If these go well, I have years of material stored up and will be making more!

Well, tonight my husband is cooking dinner. We are having hamburger patties with cottage cheese and sliced tomatoes! Yummy!

So, tune in tomorrow morning! And don’t forget – be well! Hugs to you – Jane

10 thoughts on “April 24th – The Daily Affirmation

  1. CONGRATULATIONS ON GIVING UP THE CIGS! That’s FANTASTIC! You are doing a wonderful thing for your health, now and in the future. Making clothes sounds like an excellent plan for keeping your fingers busy. Keep up the good work! As for the constipation, stewed or dried prunes always work better for me than the juice, maybe because of the fiber. Would Metamucil or a similar product help? Don’t forget LOTS of water, but you’re probably already doing that. Just HANG IN THERE, dear friend!

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