April 27th – The Daily Affirmation

Generating new cells

Generating new cells

I tell myself every day that the cancer is washing out of my system being replaced by only healthy cells.

Yesterday was a good day! I finally have overcome the constipation problem. Something new came up yesterday, my scalp is starting to hurt. It is not so bad right now, but I could not touch my hair last night. I do not appear to be losing any. Had a restless night, getting up 7 times to use the bathroom.

Yesterday I started a painting project. Will work on this today, and maybe do some writing too!

Whatever you do today, include healing thoughts in your day! Remain positive in your affirmations!

Hugs, and be well – Jane


4 thoughts on “April 27th – The Daily Affirmation

  1. You have a great day, the Lord bless you and keep you in His hands, keep you safe and well on your way towards healing. I look forward to seeing that painting.

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