May 3rd – The Daily Affirmation

I release all cancer

I release all cancer

I am sooooo tired! Last night I tried to sleep. The problem: The skin on my legs. They were so uncomfortable! Here I am sleeping on cotton flannel sheets. They should be soft, right? Normally they are, but last night I felt as if I was sleeping on rough sand that was hot and burning. I would change sides and feel good for, what, about 2 seconds? If that!

So today I am really tired. And, the inside of my right elbow hurts. Where it hurts is where I had the last chemo treatment. Not sure why this is bothering me now, but it is!

So, I need to look forward to feeling better! I love to cook, so this morning I am heading to the grocery store. I found a simple recipe that appeals to me today. It is a Baked Ziti and the recipe is from The Pioneer Woman.

Aside from making this I see a long nap in my future!

And I wanted to include some fun today! I was sent this link by a friend, and it was lovely!

Check out: The Sad Dog Diary!

Hugs to you and thank you for stopping by! Be well – Jane

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