May 4th – The Daily Affirmation

I believe in myself!

I believe in myself!

I actually slept the best last night that I have ever slept since the first round of chemo! That’s a huge W-A-H-O-O! I did not have that itchy feeling last night or the sensation that I was sleeping on a rough sand beach! What joy! 🙂

I am surviving without cigarettes! Today is day 18! Another huge W-A-H-O-O!

One of the blogs that I follow is that of a young gal named Kelly, and her blog is Fitness and Cancer. She is indeed amazing to me! She recommended trying a recipe for banana, apple and oatmeal muffins, and today I am trying that recipe out! Thank you Kelly for providing me the link! If you might be interested in making these too, you can check out the recipe by clicking HERE!

Enjoy your Sunday! Today will be one heck of an amazing day!

Be well – Jane

2 thoughts on “May 4th – The Daily Affirmation

    • Still want to hold one in my hand, and smoke one. But I keep telling myself this: They say quitting smoking is harder than quitting heroin. Can you imagine?

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