May 6th- The Daily Affirmation

The power of love

The power of love

Wahoo! I actually slept well last night! No itching and no feeling of sleeping on rough sand! My husband did not snore! Wahoo!

The other day, you might remember, I made the Baked Ziti recipe that I got off of The Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond’s site. It turned out amazing and is a definite must try! Here is what it looked like before we cut into it!

Baked Ziti

Baked Ziti

Doesn’t that look really good? The sauce has burger and Italian sausage in it! The dish is cheesy too!

Last night I made Lions Head Soup. This recipe I got from Conor Bofin. His site: One Man’s Meat. That came out really good too!

Yesterday I was feeling well enough that I did some raking and weed whacking in the front yard. Thank God the area is small! It felt good to be out working in the yard. This is one of those passions that was becoming hard to do because of the fatigue due to SLL. I was exhaustipated after an hour outdoors! I came in and took a nap with one of the kitties!

We have the chance of rain today, so I will be staying inside today and will hopefully be completing the first of two garden art projects!

Thanks for stopping by today and, as always, be well!
Hugs – Jane

6 thoughts on “May 6th- The Daily Affirmation

  1. You know how that quote would be even MORE powerful??? “The Power of Love HEALS My Body”. Think about it for a minute. Will HEAL is in the future, tomorrow, never BEING HERE NOW. Heals means NOW right NOW and is happening right NOW. Cool? Makes sense? I have become VERY aware how powerful our words and thoughts are. In all I do, I think present tense. NOW. Even IF I do not see it. And I do not stop until I DO see it. Have a glorious wonderful day, Jane!!! With Love, Amy

  2. Yes, it looks delicious! Glad you’re feeling up to doing some yard work, and that you can nap with one of your kitties! I keep hoping for rain, but I don’t think we’ve gotten more than a few drops here. Hugs.

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