Heading Out for Chemo Today…

I go back today for another treatment and I am not looking forward to it even though this is helping me. The needle that they use is a bigger needle than what they use when they draw blood, so there is pain involved. They gave me some lydocaine cream and bandages to mark an area for them to use today. I am not looking forward to the bruising either!

I am not sure if I will have to be quarantined again so I do have to ask about this. I know too that tonight will be hard to sleep because of the steroids that they will give me. 😦 But I did have a good nights sleep last night!

OK – I need to get into the “wahoo” mood now! So, what are some Wahoos for today!

Wahoo! I woke up this morning and feel pretty good!

Wahoo! I am surrounded by friends and family that love me!

Wahoo! You are here visiting me!

Wahoo! My vegetable garden is planted and I am really looking forward to some excellent tomatoes, potatoes, onions, corn, squash, carrots, radishes, artichokes, and melon!

Wahoo! My raspberries are producing fruit!

Wahoo! It is Wednesday!

Wahoo! This is my 50th post!

Wahoo! How about a photo and a daily affirmation?

Healing myself and others too!

Healing myself and others too!

Wahoo! Today is a good day!

Thanks for taking the time to drop in! Please leave me a message with your own “Wahoo!”

Hugs and be well –


15 thoughts on “Heading Out for Chemo Today…

  1. Of course, it’s only natural that you’re not looking forward to taking the cure. It’s no fun! But your attitude is FANTASTIC. You are such a life force, Jane. You demonstrate that every day with the way in which you explore our natural world, write stories and share your enthusiasm about it all with others. If ANYONE can beat this illness, YOU can. And I firmly believe that you WILL. Love ‘n hugs.

  2. Good morning Jane. Personally I think you’ve already beaten this. Your physical body is just taking longer to catch up with what your mind already knows and believes. That you are a vibrant person dealing with short term circumstances, Step by step you’re making wellness happen! Keep on keeping on, I am so proud of you. All my love, Penny xoxo

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