A View of Chemo

How about we start the day today with a cancer healing affirmation? Then let’s go on to seeing the sights of yesterday’s chemo treatment? I want to share this with you in case you are curious or find that you too have to go through this.

Releasing cancer cells

Releasing cancer cells

I arrived at the clinic yesterday for my treatment, and we ran into a slight glitch. My blood pressure was low. It was 80/54. I felt fine, but the nurses were concerned. A quick check with the Dr. and I got the OK to go ahead with treatment and a check at the end of my blood pressure. They felt that I might be a bit dehydrated!

Getting the needle in again was a bit tricky. But it was done and I was set to go. My right arm experiences pain with treatments while my left does not…strange huh? Here is a photo of the set up for the chemo treatment on my arm.

I am set up to go!

I am set up to go!

I started off again with that salty saline, and then the tube was injected with an anti-nausea med. After this was all done, then came my cocktail.

My cocktail

My cocktail

Did you notice the blue gown? They have to wear this garb as this treatment can be harmful to the staff. Here is what the bag looks like from the front.

Checking out the label on my treatment

Checking out the label on my treatment

Once this gets going, I have an hour for this to drip into my system. So, just like the bag, I hang in there!

Hanging in there!

Hanging in there!

While I was sitting there, one of the visitors for another patient went to get a sweet treat from the goodie table. When he turned to head back, I could not help but notice his unique shoes! I asked if I could take a photo to share with you today, and he was fine with it! These shoes help with a condition he has with his feet.

Unusual shoes!

Unusual shoes!

Wild, aren’t they? Seeing these shoes brought me back to the days of high school when toe socks were all the rage!

Toe socks - Photo from TrailRunningClub.com

Toe socks – Photo from TrailRunningClub.com

I find myself being quarantined again until we go back to the Dr.’s office on the 28th. And, I have an update on the snag with my receiving disability. The form the Dr.’s office mailed in to the State is what they deemed a “legacy” form, so we have to drop off a different form for the Dr. to fill out. One that does not ask for a social security number, which was the hold up on online filing!

Be well, and sorry for going on and on today! Hugs and thank you for dropping by!


9 thoughts on “A View of Chemo

  1. It is interesting to know what does go on in your session. I hope that others that are there have the same great attitude. Love ya.

  2. Not to worry. You didn’t go on and on. Thank you for letting us know what your chemo treatments are like. And I enjoyed the shoe & sock humor, too! Hopefully there will be no more “snags” in your disability claim after this. Hang in there with the the quarantine and I’ll look forward to seeing you when you surface again! Hugs.

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