Are You The Captain Of Your Vessel? Are You Sure?

My dear friend Penny is a wise woman! Read these words about being in control of your life, and know that they come from a place deep within her heart! Penny has weathered many a storm, fought many battles, and over the years, I have seen this amazing woman take charge! I hope that you enjoy this post as much as I did! I am the captain! Are you?

The Why About This


During a bad storm on the high seas;

a sturdy vessel, good navigation skills,

and a captain in control can make

the necessary difference for survival.

… And there is absolutely no difference when charting and sailing the high seas of your life,
most especially when weathering emotional storms that come your way.

(Bear with me here – sometimes it makes a positive difference for all of us to view things from a different perspective.)

“If the vessel, in which you travel (your body) isn’t doing so well, and your emotions are overwhelming you; if you find your thoughts and actions doing daily battle with worries, fearfulness, feeling trapped or defeated and you are unsure of your direction, 

think on this …”

one) “YOU” are the captain of your vessel. It is yours to nurture and keep healthy. This makes a huge difference, after all…

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