May 19th – The Daily Affirmation

I radiate!

I radiate!

Last night I dreamt of food. Chinese food. I love Chinese food! I have been eating it since I was very, very young! When I told my husband about my dream he laughed because my days always involve thinking of food!

Speaking of food…Did you know that there is such a thing called an “anti-inflammatory diet?” There is! And my dear friend Marcybee told me about this diet a while back. She was thinking about me and all the swollen glands and a way to reduce this naturally. Also, because she met someone who rid their body of SLL by going on this type of diet! So what is this diet?

It is a diet that helps in controlling inflammation in the body! It is a diet that is rich in vegetables, low in carbs and fats. Some of the foods that are included in an anti-inflammatory diet are different types of fish that are oily and high omega-3 fatty acids; whole grains; colorful fruits and vegetables; yogurt; tofu; berries; peppers; and olive oil. These are only a few!

What I discovered is that eating foods that are processed, like frozen dinners, pre-packaged skillet dinners, or fast foods add to inflammation in the body! Not that I ever venture to fast food places after having food poisoning from many of these in my younger days, for this diet, say bye-bye to Taco Bell, McDonald’s and In & Out Burger!

Personally, I like to prepare foods myself as I know that what goes in the dish is good for me! I found a website, hosted by Dr. Andrew Weil, that offers quite an array of recipes for the anti-inflammatory diet! Check out these RECIPES!

There are many articles and recipes out there! Just do a search of anti-inflammatory diet on the internet and start reading!

Have a lovely Monday! And, thank you for stopping by! Hugs and be well! Jane


6 thoughts on “May 19th – The Daily Affirmation

  1. I’m glad you’re looking into the anti-inflammatory diet. I’m going to, too, because I think it’s probably good for everyone. YOU be well, too!!! Hugs.

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