May 20th – The Daily Affirmation

Silence on the river

Silence on the river

I read this in a book on the Anasazi Indians years ago and the statement has stuck with me all these years. So I thought that I would share it today! They are very powerful words, don’t you think?

This photo is of a river that we came upon on our way to see the Grand Tetons. Isn’t it lovely? I played with this photo today using Lunapic! Check out this effect!

Running River

Running River

So, what is up for today? Feeling good is on the slate! Doing something creative. Setting up a lunch with the ladies…just some more R&R!

Have a lovely day and be well! Thank you for visiting!

4 thoughts on “May 20th – The Daily Affirmation

  1. Cool! I’ve never seen that before. Beautiful photo, especially with the water in motion. I’m glad to hear you’re feeling good in recovery. Hugs.

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