Forget Microwave Popcorn & TDA

One of the side effects that I have had with chemo is constipation. To help with the constipation I have been eating popcorn. Today, I read an article on how microwave popcorn can wreak havoc with your immune system! Chemo knocks down your immune system so I had to investigate!

How can it wreak havoc with your immune system, you ask? Well, the bag has a coating to keep the oil from seeping through the bag. This coating is a perflurorinated compound. This is the same stuff they use to treat stain resistant carpet and furniture! And, take this further to those fast food joints you might like to stop at. Those wrappers and containers they use at these places contain the same compound which keep the food from sticking to them! I don’t know about you but I do not want to be eating Scotchgard! Do you?

There is an easier way, I discovered, to make popcorn in the microwave that is good for you! Buy the organic popcorn in bulk at the grocery store. The cost is about $0.20/serving! That beats the $1/bag of the microwave stuff! Place 1/4 cup of this popcorn in one of those brown paper lunch bags, roll the top to close, and microwave! Stand by the microwave and listen to it pop and when it slows down to two seconds between pops then it is done! Take it out of the microwave, dump it into a bowl and add your butter or whatever flavored salt you desire. Cheaper and healthier!

Now for the daily affirmation (TDA):

Strength of mind and body

Strength of mind and body

On to the day to day of life: I am finally sleeping a bit better, waking only 3 times last night to relieve myself. Those darn pills cause me to make frequent trips during the night! And, the constipation is finally gone. This could be considered TMI, but if you are going to go through chemo, this is one of the many possible side effects and you should be aware of it!

I am really looking forward to seeing the Dr. this coming Wednesday. And I am hoping to get an all clear on being around others and my cats! The all clear comes from a check of my immune system through a blood test. One of the trips I will make when I do get the all clear is to the grocery store to buy some of that organic popcorn! 🙂

Thanks for dropping by today! I hope that you enjoyed today’s post!
Be well!


8 thoughts on “Forget Microwave Popcorn & TDA

  1. Thanks for the info about popcorn. Another bad thing about microwave popcorn it that most of the brands have trans-fats, which are no good for us. So using a paper bag sounds like a good idea. I hope your test results will allow you to break out of quarantine again! Hugs.

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