May 28th – The Daily Affirmation

Spread healing love

Spread healing love

I had the worst night’s sleep two nights ago. I was up until a bit after 1:30. I just could not go to sleep, and when I tried, my legs had that feeling of sleeping on sand again. And, I have been having issues with both of my elbows. They hurt, and this area is where they have been needling me for chemo.

I did manage to sleep really well last night. Finally! Wahoo!

Today: I have been looking forward to today for the last two weeks. I go back to the Dr.’s to have a check up and hopefully when they draw my blood the immune system will be doing well. Strike that! My immune system will be working well!

Knowing that I WILL be able to go out in public today, we are going to venture to a place where they have outdoor furniture. We need to add two chairs to our deck. Then off to the grocery store, followed by a visit to TOGO’s! I love Togo’s! Wahoo! And when I get home I get to hug my cats and have them sit all over me! Also, I will be able to go back to sleeping in my own bed! Another Wahoo!

May your day be full of joy! May you feel the healing love that I am sending your way today! Be well, and thank you for stopping by today!


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