June 1st – The Daily Affirmation

Healing found in the earth

Healing found in the earth

You have no idea how good it feels to get the OK to be out in public! I have been taken off of quarantine for the next two weeks! Wahoo! So, what did I do with my new found freedom?

I worked in the garden! I moved a number of plants around so that they would be in better spots with regards to lighting. And, I ended up planting others that had been in pots, some for years! For me, there is nothing like getting dirty in the garden that I find very healing and invigorating! What about you?

As I said, I have been removed from quarantine! At the Dr.’s office I told the Dr. about the neuropathy that I have in 3 fingers in my left hand, one in my right, and that I have numbness in the heel of my right foot. The Dr. told me that none of the drugs cause this effect. Looking at Treanda, I found that this does not cause neuropathy. But guess what? The Rituxin does, however only in about 5% of those being given the drug. I printed the interactions of this drug out to bring to the Dr.’s office on Wednesday the 11th.

Also, I have swelling in my elbows along the upper part of the veins where the chemo went in. This is because I have sensitive veins, I was told. I will end up with scar tissue in these spots. Both areas hurt and to fully extend my arms hurts too. I still have bruising in both areas, including the spot where I had chemo back in April!

Today we are taking a road trip! I am so looking forward to getting out! And, I am looking forward to lunch with Marcybee on Wednesday, the ladies on the 7th, and a couple more of the gals on the 10th, the day before my next infusion.

That’s all for today! Thanks for your patience in waiting for my post! And, thank you for dropping by!

Hugs to you and remember: Be well!


6 thoughts on “June 1st – The Daily Affirmation

  1. I’m so happy to hear you are free to be out and about again. That’s great news! Knowing you, you will be making the most of every minute – that’s for sure. Yes, I agree, there is something healing about connecting with the earth, water and sky. It’s LIFE! Hugs and wellness to you, Jane.

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