June 3rd – The Daily Affirmation

Albert Schweitzer Quote on Attitude

Albert Schweitzer Quote on Attitude

Attitude is everything! You are what you create. I learned this lesson years ago.

A long time ago I used to say to myself regarding a love relationship that I only attracted married men. And, guess what? That was all I attracted because every time that I made this statement that was all that came to me. Then one day it dawned on me that I needed to change this to something different so I met men who were available and single. I made that change and it worked!

It is the same with healing and health. If you want to heal and be healthy then you have to tell yourself that you are healing and that you are healthy!

If I were to approach living with SLL negatively then this would be the energy that I would attract to myself. I chose to be positive about my healing. What I experienced when I was diagnosed was just a blip in the road of life. One that I chose to not let get me down. This is just another adventure in life, one that I chose to overcome and face head on.

So whatever your issue might be, whether it be your love life, your health, weight loss, et al, be positive and know that you can achieve whatever you put your mind to! Attitude is everything!

Be well – Jane

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