June 5th – The Daily Affirmation



One thing that I have discovered is how important it is in the healing process to have folks around you who genuinely care about you, and who support you in the process of overcoming and healing from cancer!

Some will rally around you and you might find that others just disappear. There is a psychology regarding those who disappear. One, is that they might not have been that good of a friend to begin with. But the other is that they are afraid that they might catch what you have! Germaphobes! To those who disappear: You cannot catch cancer from me!

Ah, well…To those still around me, and to you my readers, thank you for your caring and for your loving support as I take you with me on this adventure!

With less than a week to go before heading into chemo next week and another two weeks of quarantine, I am basking in the ability to be around others! And, I am being a photo hound, so that I have plenty to share in this blog and my other one too!

Have a terrific Thursday! Hugs to you and be well! ♥ Jane ♥

4 thoughts on “June 5th – The Daily Affirmation

  1. Ah, those fair weather friends. And where will they be when the skies are blue again? Maybe permanently missing out on a terrific friendship, which is a high price to pay for “disappearing.” The way you’re making the most of this “adventure” in your life is so inspiring. I feel I’m getting a life lesson in how to face adversity. Enjoy every moment of your freedom, dear friend. Hugs.

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