June 10th – The Daily Affirmation

Filled with the healing love of the Universal Spirit!

Filled with the healing love of the Universal Spirit!

As I get ready for another round of chemo, there is so much to do! It is a bit overwhelming. I will be quarantined again for two weeks.

So this morning, I cleaned the room and bathroom, vacuumed, and brought up some items that I do not need today but will need in the coming two weeks. I also have laundry going so that my clothes will be free and clean of cat hair and dust. And, in preparation for the upcoming constipation that Rituxin gives me, I have already taken two Ex-Lax.

Tomorrow I am bringing with me my research on Rituxin. I cannot remember if I mentioned it but the Rituxin causes neuropathy in less than 5% of those receiving it. I have this in my left hand and 3 fingers and my thumb on my right. The feeling is starting to travel down towards the first joint on my right hand. The Dr. indicated that neuropathy was not a side effect of either drug, so I will share with him that it is on one of them.

My right arm still has bruising and I have swollen lumps on both elbow joints where the veins were really bothered by the chemo. Both areas still hurt! The bruising on the left in this photo is from the first chemo treatment. Here is the bruising on my right arm:

Existing bruising and one of the lumps

Existing bruising and one of the lumps

My Dr. indicated that the lumps are scar tissue. I hope not!

Anyway, tomorrow is the first day of round three! I am being positive that all will be well!

Thank you for stopping by today, and be well! Hugs to you! Jane

7 thoughts on “June 10th – The Daily Affirmation

  1. Okay, so here you go with round three. Hopefully it will be the last one you’ll need. Wishing you minimal side effects and COMPLETE HEALING. My prayers are with you, dear friend. Love and hugs.

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