June 14th – The Daily Affirmation



One needs to be confident in anything if they are to achieve something right? So for today this is the perfect affirmation!

I have some catching up to do since I wrote my last post two days ago! Shall we start with my last chemo treatment? Sure, why not?

I got to the clinic a bit late. And, when I was taken back to the treatment room I was happy to see that there were few people there. Compared to the day before, at least I thought, it would be a better day.

They chose a chair for me rather than me taking one of my own choosing, most likely due to a number of chairs that needed to be prepped and cleaned for patients to use. I noticed it was a bit cold, but then we had just had temp’s near the hundreds so maybe the air conditioning was still turned lower than normal.

It took three tries to find my vein, and I am happy to report that today I do not have much bruising from those attempts! When they gave me the steroid drip I actually got the shivers. I told them that I was very cold and they told me that they were sorry but there were no blankets. No blankets! It did not help that I was sitting under the vent for the air conditioning! And, boy, was it blowing! My nurse, Helen, wrapped me up in hospital gowns from head to toe. I must say I must have been quite a sight! When I wanted a bottle of water, there wasn’t any…oh, well…I did survive the day!

As it has been with the last two series of treatments the constipation is back. But the worst thing right now is the lack of sleep. I have had a total of eight hours sleep in the last 48 hours! That is due to the steroid drip that I get.

My goal for today is to do three things. One deals with the first thing I mentioned, and the other two are a nap and some hours of sleep. My feet are dragging!

So, for today my affirmation fits as I am confident I can accomplish these three things!

Hugs and be well – Jane

4 thoughts on “June 14th – The Daily Affirmation

  1. Thanks for describing your experience. No blankets? No water? It sounds like someone’s not on their toes. It was nice of Helen to wrap you up. I hope you accomplish all three of your goals today and OVERCOME CANCER!!! Hugs.

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