After Effects – Round 3

In case you read this for your own information as you might be going through the treatment that I am, or that you just want to know what going through cancer and chemo is like, I wanted to do this quickie post. I am three days out after having the third of two day treatments. Sorry, words are not quite working right today, but that is one of the side effects. Beggin’ your pardon if I offend. Not my intent. Just wanted to keep up with this blog!

I have already written a bit about the after effects, but I have to say, that try to be as positive as I have been has been very difficult this time. I am not feeling well at all. I did manage to meet my affirmation the other day, but I cannot adequately describe how tired I am. Or, how my sides are hurting. Or, how food, which I love, is not appealing at all. Or, how nauseous I have been. Or, how all I want to be is a couch potato. Not to mention, I am feeling really crabby!

I did sleep better last night. I did get my nap during the day. And the other thing, well, it resolved itself to a point.

In order to remain in the positive light, tomorrow will be a better day! I will be feeling better! I will sleep well tonight! I will overcome!

Be well, and hugs to you! Jane


6 thoughts on “After Effects – Round 3

  1. Oh Jane. So sorry to hear it’s quite rough on you this time. You have every right to be a crabby couch potato! I do hope you get a good sleep tonight and feel much better in the morning. You’re in my prayers, dear friend. Hugs.

    • Thank you Gaz! I think that as I have had the treatments they build up in the body, which might be why I feel the way I do this round. Still trying to stay positive!

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