July 8th – The Daily Affirmation

Face your fears!

Face your fears!

Today I face my fears! We are seeing the Dr. to get the results of the PET CT scan. I am a bit nervous because they pulled me back out of the machine telling me to remove my dentures. I don’t wear dentures! Was my jaw glowing? I hope not!

Did I tell you a story of fear? I heard this from an instructor in my holistic health class at SFSU. It goes like this:

A young man went to a Rimpashay because he wanted to know the meaning of life. The Rimpashay told the young man to climb the mountain just outside of town. At the top of the mountain, he was told, there is a cave. Enter the cave and you will discover the meaning of life!

The young man took all day to climb the mountain. When he reached the mouth of the cave, there at the entrance was a bear. The bear stood up on his back legs and let out a huge roar with front paws extended! The young man ran down the hill back to the town.

When he returned he went back the to Rimpashay and told him what he saw. The wise one told the young man to climb back up the mountain and told him to face his fears!

Again the young man climbed the mountain. When he got to the top there was the bear again. Closing his eyes, he repeated over and over to himself that he needed to face his fears! When he opened his eyes and looked to where the bear had been he realized that there was no bear.

That was the story. So for me, by facing our fears we find the meaning of life!

No matter what happens today I will be looking for opportunity around every corner and I will face my fears head on!

Thanks for stopping by today!

Hugs and be well – Jane


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