July 9th – The Daily Affirmation

Today I decided to do this post a bit differently. I was touched by something I saw yesterday which I wanted to share with you today. Strength to survive through anything is what I saw. The message was clear to me…

Notice anything?

Notice anything?

How about now?

How about now?

So, did you notice anything different about this bird? He sure is a pretty one! If you did not see anything unusual about him, go back and look again. Maybe click on the photo to enlarge it…

Yesterday the daily affirmation was about facing your fears. Today’s affirmation is about having the strength to overcome any obstacle in your path. Now for today’s daily affirmation…

Hardships can be overcome!

Hardships can be overcome!

This bird spoke volumes to me! Being able to survive in a world full of obstacles, here is this little bird, an adult, able to fend for itself with only one leg!

Who is the bigger bird?

Who is the bigger bird?

Now, on to my update! Apparently whatever the folks saw who were doing the PET CT scan on me, when they asked me to remove my dentures, which I do not wear, was nothing. All but one of my lymph glands have returned to normal! Wahoo! And, because there is one still a bit larger than normal, and hard, which the Dr. indicated, the plan is to have one more chemo treatment. This will be next week followed by another 2 weeks of quarantine.

The next statement from the Dr. was that if this works the way he intends for it to work, there is no reason why I cannot survive another 30-40 years without this coming back! WAHOO!

Dancing Chicken - Image by CrazyWebsite.com

Dancing Chicken – Image by CrazyWebsite.com

Now go out and have a great Wednesday! Know that you too can overcome any obstacle in your path!

Hugs and be well! Jane


4 thoughts on “July 9th – The Daily Affirmation

  1. HALLELUJAH!!!!! This is FANTASTIC WONDERFUL NEWS! I can’t tell you how relieved I am for you. In fact, I’m doing my chicken dance, too. (Someday I may demonstrate that for you.) 🙂 Looking forward to seeing you later! Hugs!

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