July 11th – The Daily Affirmation

I am blessed!

I am blessed!

Stress can do so much damage to our lives, so for today, I am not allowing stress to take over my day! I am looking at a day full of blessings, of which you dear reader, are one!

If you find yourself stressed today, here is a way to relive yourself of it: It is called the “Quieting Reflex.”

When finding yourself stressed, take a deep breath in, and as you exhale, smile! It is hard to feel stressed when you are smiling!


Hugs and be well! Jane

2 thoughts on “July 11th – The Daily Affirmation

  1. Good advice, Jane! Something that puts a smile on my face is taking a good look at my doggies’ cute faces. Great stress reliever! 🙂

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