Yesterday’s Chemo Treatment

Had the worst day yesterday at the chemo treatment. My husband dropped me off and I sat and waited. I arrived at 10 to 9. Around 20 minutes later one of the nurses came out to tell me that they were running behind and I was quite early for my 9:40 appointment. I told her my appointment was at 9:00 and if they changed it they should have called me.

The nurse I had was new and could not find a vein. Instead of a hot packing my arms with hot packs she brings out two warm blankets, walks away and comes back maybe 20 minutes later. With the hot packs your veins come to the surface in about 5. She could not get into vein in the middle of my right arm so went for the vein on the outside of the right wrist. She got that one.

She went through the usual questions, gives me the two Tylenol, and then starts a saline drip. After a bit she comes back with the steroid. My heart starts racing. She asked me all the right questions and then had to go and consult the Dr. By the time she got back all was OK. She checked my pulse twice, once when I told her about the racing and after she came back. She told me that my pulse rate was the same. No way was it the same!

Then she gave me the Benedryl. This makes you very cold and sleepy almost right away. Now all the nurses I have had so far when they get the drip going ask if you need anything. This one, no. As she is walking away I asked her for a warm blanket. She told me to wait until she was done with the lady next to me, who she was JUST starting on. She never brought me that blanket and I had to ask another nurse about 20 minutes later for one. Almost an hour later she asks me if I still need that blanket.

We went through the Rituxan OK and the Director came by and I asked for a pillow as I was feeling a nap coming on. Remember the last time they ran out of blankets? This time they were out of pillows! Anyway, the nurse next got me going on the Treanda. I was thirsty and asked her for a bottle of water. Again, wait until I get finished with this patient, the one next to me who she was just starting to work on again. She never brought me the water. When my husband got there at 2:00, he went and got me the two glasses of water as there was no bottled water.

The Treanda drip was done about 20 after, and the nurse came over to start the saline flush. Never saw her again. After the machine beeped 3 separate times to alert them that I was ready for the next phase, the other nurses came over and turned it off. It goes off again, and again and on the 3 time one of the other nurses came over to take me apart so I could leave. We ended up leaving there around 2:45.

The other nurses seemed not to want to work with her. I have always watched them all each time I have been there trying to figure out the dynamics of the work force. You know, how they get along, do they help each other out, are they happy at their jobs…Yesterday there was a definite strain in the day and it was very busy. After 11ish, there were no empty chairs and when one was vacated it was cleaned and then filled. At one point while watching her, I could see that she pissed off the director who looked skywards as this nurse walked away from her.

They called in a prescription for me for a sleep aid so we had to stop at the Rite Aid. The pharmacist said that it would be ready for me at 3, which it wasn’t, as usual. We got there after 3 and did not leave there until 3:30. On Thursday last week at 6 in the morning I called in for refills, which their computer told me would be ready for pickup at 10 the next morning. I got there at 10:40 and it was not ready. The pharmacist was working on it. So much for customer service and relying on people doing what they should in their jobs…

This has gotten rather long, hasn’t it? No sleep last night again. I was told to take ½ of this pill (Ambien), which I did at 10. At 3 I was still reading and finally turned out the light but never really slept until maybe 5:30 this morning and was up at 6:30. So, I am a bit grouchy and very tired.

I just needed to get this off my chest, and I hope that if you go through chemo or are going through it, that you do not have a day like this one!

Round two this afternoon, and hopefully I will get a nap in beforehand!

Hugs and be well!


4 thoughts on “Yesterday’s Chemo Treatment

  1. Sounds like that nurse is in the wrong line of work! I’m sorry you had such a rough time of it and I sure hope they take better care of you this afternoon! Hugs.

    • Much better today. Still exhausted and will hopefully get some sleep tonight. The pharmacist spoke to me today about the sleep meds, and asked me what do I do when I really need to sleep and can’t. Told her I watch Pierce Brosnan movies. That man always puts me to sleep. Too bad we don’t have any of his movies! 🙂

    • One and done! That nurse was not there today, and if she was and had me as a patient, I decided before going in that I would complain if I needed to. Keeping the fingers crossed that this was it for chemo! Be well Gaz!

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