July 28th – The Daily Affirmation

Where life takes us

Where life takes us

Each day, and with each step that we take, we are led by life to the place we need to be. My life has led me on a path moving through Small Lymphocytic Lymphoma. I have gone through 4 sets of chemo treatment, each set being two days of treatment. After each treatment I am placed under quarantine so that with a diminished immune system I do not catch anything from anyone. Today marks hopefully the last day of quarantine. In total I have been quarantine for 2 months.

We head on out to the Dr.’s tomorrow morning, and I am again hoping that I will get the all clear to be around people! We will be talking to the Dr. about the neuropathy in the hands and feet. I have had weird sensations in my fingers and big toes for weeks now. What is happening over the last couple of days has been pins and needles in both my hands and my feet. That too is a strange sensation, what with walking and your feet suffering from pins and needles! Now Grace was never my middle name, and this certainly hits home now!

I feel very tired today. Even after a good nights sleep, and two cups of coffee this morning, I could see myself taking a very long nap!

I wonder where life will take me today and tomorrow! Wish me luck! Hugs and be well! Jane

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