July 30th – The Daily Affirmation

The heart sees

The heart sees

Today I have an update. I went to see the Dr. yesterday and was disappointed when I was told I have one more treatment to undergo. This is scheduled for August 13-14th. After this treatment I will have to have another bone marrow test to make sure that all is well.

What is disappointing is that initially we were told there would be only 3 rounds of treatment. And, before this last treatment, I was told that I would have the PET CT scan, which I did, and if that looked OK that would be that and we could go on to maintenance. If it did not then I would require another bone marrow test. The Dr. reiterated yesterday that there were no hot spots on the last PET CT, so I am a bit puzzled over having to undergo this next chemo treatment.

I guess it is better to be sure that all is well before going on to maintenance. I do wonder if it has to do with the money they get from the insurance company…After 5 treatments, just the cost of the treatments will be $355,000!

My good news is that I can now return to normalcy and can go out in public and go back to sleeping in my bedroom with my husband and cat.

Thanks for visiting with me today!

Hugs and be well!

2 thoughts on “July 30th – The Daily Affirmation

  1. Disappointing that you have to go through another bout, but it is better to be safe than sorry. Then after that, hopefully it will just be check ups to make sure it has gone.

    Stay positive Jane

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