August 9th – The Daily Affirmation

I make a difference!

I make a difference!

We are each like a drop of water in a pond. We make an impact on the pond that ripples out and comes back to the center, only to return back out! Each and every one of us makes a difference!

Hugs and be well!

4 thoughts on “August 9th – The Daily Affirmation

  1. That is so true! We are all interrelated, because our actions and words – the things we do and say, as well as the things we don’t do and say – effect everyone around us and can influence their actions and their words, which in turn effect everyone around them, and so forth and so on. Even if we may wish to at times, we can’t live in a bubble. So, being kind to one another is so important. Thanks for the reminder, Jane!

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