August 10th – The Daily Affirmation

Green healing light

Green healing light

The color green is considered a healing color. It represents harmony and balance. Great! I need balance! This color also has a soothing influence on the body. It is said to help build up bones and muscles.

I have been doing some creative visualization with the color green on my left ankle. I have been picturing in my mind the injured area wrapped in the color green. Maybe this is working because today I am able to walk much better!

Hugs and be well!


2 thoughts on “August 10th – The Daily Affirmation

  1. Green is a soothing color to me, too. Glad to hear your visualizations are making a difference! Maybe you should take time out to watch the Wizard of Oz and walk with Dorothy to the Emerald City! Now that’s a LOT of green! 😉

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