August 14th – The Daily Affirmation

Beautiful days!

Beautiful days!

Today is a beautiful day, and so was yesterday, as a matter of fact! This kind of thinking is all about being positive and healing from the cancer and the side effects of chemo!

Yesterday was the first of the two day treatment plan. The nurse had a hard time finding a vein and after 3 tries the 4th was the charm! Everything yesterday went as it should and that made me happy. I felt a bit loopier than I have in the past!

Today was the last day of treatment and it went OK. One patient was sent to emergency for troubles outside of the chemo. They could not even get to administering anything on her. Poor thing! Still have to have tests to be done later, and I am telling myself all will be well! Keeping the fingers crossed that there will be no more chemo!

Hugs and be well!

Do you have thoughts to share? I would love to hear them!

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