August 19th – The Daily Affirmation

Fix it!

Fix it!

Today’s affirmation reminds me of the days of old. Back in my younger days when something got broken we fixed it. Today, we have become a throw away society. If something breaks we replace it. Now, depending on where the item is made, and China is notorious for making stuff that fails, try fixing it rather than replacing it!

Now, on to the day to day…

This has been a particularly rough road of late. Not only suffering the side effects of chemo, but also because of having sprained my ankle. I have been feeling a bit depressed because of my lack of mobility which makes me unable to do some of the normal routines of the day.

To combat the ankle injury, I have taken to having hot baths filled with Epsom salts to help with the still swollen ankle. Here is the ankle today.

Swollen ankle

Swollen ankle

My husband is out and about checking to see if he can find one of those socks that helps with circulation. And, I have been doing some foot exercises to help get mobility back. Aspirin has been a great help!

My arm is also swollen from the chemo treatment. As I said before it took 4 tries to get the needle into a vein. Here is a shot that shows that the nurse did tap a vein. If they can draw blood into the tube, they know that they have hit pay dirt!

Chemo treatment

Chemo treatment

I have a bit of swelling in the area, and of course the resultant bruising. Here is my arm today.

Bruised arm

Bruised arm

One of the toughest things for me this time has been that I am unable to do a lot of what I would normally be able to do. I have to remind my husband that I am limited in more ways than one!

So, for today, I am going to fix what I can! A hot bath, some exercises, and some home cooking which always makes me feel good!

Do you fix it or replace it?

Hugs and be well!

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