August 22nd – The Daily Affirmation

Let's play!

Let’s play!

As we grow older and get serious about life we forget about that inner child that resides within us. Today I challenge you to let your inner child out and make today a play day! Grab a coloring book and color! Get out the Play Doh and start making creatures! Go swimming in the local lake and feel the mud from the bottom ooze between your toes!

Come out and play! I will be right by your side! What do you want to do? Let’s have some fun!

Hugs and be well!


10 thoughts on “August 22nd – The Daily Affirmation

  1. Great ideas, especially the coloring. Today, Jean-Luc paid a visit to the doggie salon and then strutted his stuff up and down Main St., waving his white pompom tail in the breeze. He got a lot of attention, and my inner child was delighted. Hope your inner child is having a wonderful day, too!

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