September 27th – The Daily Affirmation

Refreshing my soul

Refreshing my soul

I am returning after a much needed vacation. I was slated to have a bone marrow test last Thursday, but sadly had to postpone it due to a cold that I picked up while traveling.

We had a wonderful time on our cruise. It was relaxing having someone else make the bed and cook and clean the dishes! We saw some amazing sights! I am in the 30% club for those who have seen Mount McKinley! I saw moose and squirrel. I saw glaciers and one that calved. I saw eagles as well as a whole slew of sea life, which included whale, otter, dolphin, sea lions, jellyfish and starfish.

Now my focus is on getting better and having a positive outcome on that bone marrow test!

Hugs and be well! Jane

4 thoughts on “September 27th – The Daily Affirmation

  1. Good to hear from you again, Jane. I’m glad to hear you had a much needed and deserved vacation. You’re in my thoughts and prayers for an excellent result on your test!

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