October 10th – The Daily Affirmation

Fly like a bird!

Fly like a bird!

Have you read the book “Jonathan Livingston Seagull?” Richard Bach must have gone inside to pull out the words that describe the seagull learning to fly and the freedom that the bird felt once he mastered it!

What a thrill it would be to fly high in the sky, looking over the land, and feeling the wind beneath my wings! Wouldn’t you like to fly like this too?

Hugs and be well!


6 thoughts on “October 10th – The Daily Affirmation

  1. Hi Jane! Glad y’all had a good vacation. My last dr visit at MDA was on Sept 24. Blood work looked very good & no swollen lymph nodes found. The dr said since I am doing so well, we will do my next PET scan in December, so this will be a 6-cycle interval (about 6 months). Still doing Rituxan IV every 4 weeks & 3 Imbruvica pills daily. We have had a flare up of upper respiratory infections & wife had a kidney infection in September but all are much better now. I asked my dr about getting the flu vaccine & he said that with my chemo (Rituxan, I think) the flu vaccine is not effective.

    • Glad to hear about the blood and lack of swollen lymph nodes! We are playing the waiting game on the results of the bone marrow test. T-minus 11 and counting! Be well! Jane

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