October 17th – The Daily Affirmation



I found myself floating in the chorus of autumn sun. The accompaniment, a slight subdued breeze. The thoughts that flow through my mind follow the simple, yet harmonious melody. Like notes, floating out from a flute! What an art! And, what an art to possess!

Ah creativity can bring one so much joy! And to find that joy encapsulated in such a confining physical sphere. To visualize the bounds it is within. Then to visualize unleashing it, and to see the complexity of it all. Each segment unto itself. Alone, yet an element that constitutes unity. And to know that it all lies within myself, as it all lies within you.

The breeze carries me further. Like an autumnal leaf floating on the currents of the wind. Floating upward, then somersaulting and spiraling downward, only to be lifted again. Then I drift and listen once again to the melody I hear emanating from my soul. And, I remember…

Hugs and be well!

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