What inspires you?

Penny from “The Why About This” inspires me each and every day! She posted a lovely piece on inspiration that I just had to re-blog this post. One needs Inspiration when struggling and dealing with health issues, and this is why I wanted to share this with you. To each and everyone of you that follow me and stop by to read my posts: Thank you! You inspire me. If it were not for you and for people like Penny, my blog would not exist. I hope that enjoy Penny’s post on inspiration. Thank you Penny for this post which is at a time when I need it! Hugs and love to you my dear friend! Jane

The Why About This

Yellow WarblerA Beautiful Bird in it’s Natural Setting is inspiring!

Seriously, have you given any thought recently to what inspires you the most?

It’s important and necessary in your life to be inspired by others. Inspiration is the emotional fuel that keeps you going on those hard days. Whether it be a word or deed from someone you know or someone/thing you’ve heard or read about, it makes no difference. It’s the “something” that so moves you emotionally, (in a positive way) that life seems a little better, and more doable in that moment.

For me, what inspires are the following:

Love inspires me. Beauty inspires me. Bravery inspires me. The human spirit of never giving up inspires caringme. Tenderness inspires me. Happiness inspires me. Caring people making a difference inspires me. Thoughtfulness inspires me.

ForestA smile inspires me. A mother and/or father caring for their family inspires me. Children Inspire me…

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