October 31st – Day to Day

Happy Halloween! 😈

Happy Halloween - Photo from TimeForTheHolidays.net

Happy Halloween – Photo from TimeForTheHolidays.net

Yesterday was the first infusion that I will have for the next two years. The nurse was able to get into a vein on the first try. Wahoo!

Then I was given a saline drip. Once that was done the Benedryl came next. I had a reaction to this. My arm started to burn and itch at the same time. I had red splotches on my arm where the burning pain and itching was, and was given a warm pack to help. It did help a bit, but it was still irritating.

Next was a flush with saline before the Rituxan. When she started the Rituxan all was OK. This drip was to go for 90 minutes. Half way through my arm began to get extremely cold. A warm blanket and another hot pack was placed on my arm. I was glad when it was over and done with.

We are having work done here at the house, and so yesterday I drove myself. I wanted to see if I could do this in case my husband was unavailable to drive, as he was yesterday. After treatment, there was no way that I could drive. I felt like I had one hell of a drink with my speech being a bit slurred and that loopy feeling in my head. This was a result of the Benedryl.

I had to sit for almost two hours before feeling well enough to drive. It was while I was sitting there that the nurse mentioned my “next chemotherapy” appointment. I was puzzled because the Dr. had told me on my last visit that I was done with chemotherapy. Due to what the nurse said to me I looked this up today.

Here is what I found: He was not correct in what he said. What he should have told me is that I am finished with the “induction phase” of the chemotherapy. The induction phase is the first part of the chemotherapy treatment and is the intensive cycle of the treatment for SLL. I am now in the second phase of treatment, which is really important too, as this is the maintenance phase. It is still chemotherapy! 😦 He needs to work on his communication skills!

May you enjoy the day! Hugs and be well!


6 thoughts on “October 31st – Day to Day

  1. No kidding! Your doctor really seems to be lacking in communication skills. How frustrating for you! So how often will you need chemo treatments? Will they be separate from the infusions or in combination with them?

    • No kidding! The infusions are the chemotherapy treatment! One day every other month. So a total of 12 over the two years. Uggghhhh! But if it keeps it at bay, well then, this is what I have to do!

  2. Glad your nurse got your IV in on the first stick. The benadryl makes me sleepy & I usually sleep during the infusion, and like you I feel loopy or groggy afterwards. I sit for awhile before driving. Each time (twice) that I’ve begun the induction phase of new treatment, I had to get Rituxan once a week for 4 weeks & then once a month afterwards. The good news is I don’t react anymore to Rituxan during infusion. It’s been 11 days since my last Rituxan IV, and feeling a lot better now. I have started keeping a daily log of temperature, fatigue, night sweats, etc. during each cycle — it helps me remember that I will start feeling better. Hang in there “Jane” … Hugs!

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