November 3rd – The Daily Affirmation



Everything that happens to us in life is dependent on the way that we look at life. Good memories or bad memories, both color our lives.

But what ties everyone together, in a good way, are the good memories. And, we all have a say so over whether there will be good memories or bad. You have choice. Do you want a good memory, or a bad memory?

I have learned in my long life that things do not always work out as we wish. Sometimes things goes south of the way I hoped that it would. And I realized that the situation offered to me a lesson that I needed. Would I learn from it or ignore it? I didn’t always want the lesson that was shoved in my face, and sometimes had to repeat that lesson over and over again, though in with different people and circumstances, but what was underlying was the same. The lessons presented to us in life can make good memories, only if I chose to make it one.

Do you want good memories that tie you together or bad ones that tear you apart? You have a choice!

Hugs and be well!


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