Hanging in There!

It has been a week since I have done a post on this site. I am hanging in there and thought that today I would write about what has been going on…

First, a huge thanks to Marcybee, Patti and Lynn and Shirley for all the love and affection you send my way! I thank you!

Times have been tough. I have so much to think about. Where do I start?

I have suffered from a rash that itches like crazy that my Dr. cannot diagnose. I was given a cream, a liquid, and pills to deal with it. After applying the cream on one spot, the liquid on the other, my skin was burning and the itching was back 30 minutes later. The instructions read, “Use twice a day only.” That stuff did not work. Then the pills? Sicker than a dog. The NP that prescribed these for me never bothered to see if the prescription would interfere with the Rituxan. I had diarrhea and severe nausea for days. I stopped taking this.

My return visit, the NP admitted to knowing nothing about Rituxan, and said the side effects that I had from the pill was nothing he ever heard of before. He thought that maybe they should cut into me to take a biopsy. Or, possibly, give me some kind of shot, after of course asking the oncologist. I was firm with my answers to these. NO! Please refer me to a dermatologist. Got the referral and was told it could be months. I have an appointment this coming Monday.

Here at my home all has been in chaos since August. We needed to remove all the siding from our home due to cracking, splitting and bending boards. No matter what we did with it, sun exposure won out. In tandem with this, we are having an outdoor space converted to indoor space. Everything around the perimeter of the house has been removed. The house is a mess. I feel the space closing in on me and even getting out and coming back home, I still feel claustrophobic. It is hard to keep up with the dust, the dirt and all the flies that have made their way into our home.

I need to get my happy back. I am asking for your help with positive words and thoughts from all of you who follow me. I kindly ask that you send me, by way of commenting, encouraging thoughts to help me find my way back to inspiration for you all?

Thank you! Hugs and be well! J

8 thoughts on “Hanging in There!

  1. Jane, I’m so sorry you’re having a tough time of it lately. It’s hard to know how to encourage you, except to say that I believe you have the strength and resilience to come out of the dark place you’re in at present. You have been fighting one of the toughest fights a person can fight, and yet still posting your website and offering encouraging words to others. I don’t think there are many cancer patients out there who are doing that, which shows that you have more fortitude than the average person. Winston Churchill once said, “If you are going through hell, keep going.” Things will change. Because they always do. You WILL feel better one day. And because really, what else can you do? As another celebrated philosopher, Dory of “Finding Nemo” fame, put it, “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming…”

  2. It is the time of the year for JOY. We will enjoy the holidays in spite of any and all discouragement! We will jump for joy that we have rain! We will sing Christmas songs and be thankful for our beautiful country in spite of those that hate us! Life is too short to be down and out. We have life. Our mind will be controlled to understand that depression is not allowed. We all have battles but we know that others have battles that really do not compare to our little problems. We have love for each other and are thankful to have someone even if we have lack of love from others.

    I love you! You will overcome!

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