Meet Laughing Sal – Dec. 1st – The Daily Affirmation

They say laughter is the best medicine. They say that laughter brings joy and happiness to you. They say laughter is good for the soul. Today I bring you that best medicine, one that brings you joy, happiness, and that soothes the soul…in a weird way! Tell me if you agree!

Today I introduce you to “Laughing Sal,” who currently resides at the arcade below the Cliff House in San Francisco. This video is of a little boy named Simon and his first visit with Laughing Sal…

The video credit goes to JBoeger…While the video is 8 years old…Sal still makes you want to laugh with her! Please, I ask kindly, that you watch the entire video. For one minute and 2 seconds, you are guaranteed to laugh! I now introduce you to Laughing Sal and Simon…

Now, I ask you: 1) Did you watch the whole video? 2) Did you laugh? 3) Did I do my job for the day? 🙂

Wah, haaaa, haaa haaaa haaaa haaa ha! Let’s all be like Laughing Sal and look at the dish life hands us, sweet or sour, and laugh! Ah, a good lesson for each and everyone of us to learn!

Hugs and be well!


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