This is an update on my care for Lymphoma. I am not understanding what is going on and am now questioning the care I have been given.

My Dr. seems to have an issue with communicating, which I have brought up in other posts already. Why should there be any issue? Well, you might remember that my Dr. told me that I was done with chemo, only to discover I was not. I see him again in two weeks. I have now been told that I need to have a pelvic and chest scan, not radioactive, to determine my RX going forward…Wasn’t I told that my RX was 2 years of treatment every other month? Think so!

Does anyone else have this issue with a Dr.?

I would love to hear from you! I am thinking of going somewhere else, but dreading to have to re-do all these tests.

Hugs and be well –

6 thoughts on “Puzzled…

  1. How confusing! I don’t get it either. Is he failing to communicate or is he changing his mind along the way? I can understand how unsettling it must be for you. To get a second opinion would you have to re-test or just share the test results you already have with the second doctor?

    • We shall see. I spoke today to a gal over at the Lymphoma Research Foundation and they gave me some good ideas of what to and how to discuss what is going on with the Dr. She told me that going for a second opinion right now is a bit late in the game, and that where I am at in treatment might prevent another Dr. from taking me on. So, we shall see!

  2. Praying for you Jane as you are weighing your options. I believe you are doing the right thing as you consider a change to a doctor who specializes in your type of cancer. Hopefully, you’ll be able to find a doctor linked in with an institution that does research as more options will be available to you plus they better understand any problems you may encounter. A big hug from us. Wish us well as we travel to MDA next week for a PET scan, dr visit & chemo.

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